Dark World Studios is working hard to bring you the best product we possibly can. We are planning to have the book contents finalized by December 2021 or sooner. We will start production immediately after unless further pandemic-related delays arise. The publishing industry was greatly affected long-term by supply shortages during the pandemic, which we are actively trying to work around. We can assure you the book WILL be published with as few delays as possible, if any at all.


This means that the PDF version of the book will be released later this year and we will be keeping all of our customers updated about the release schedule of the physical book via email. Please add us to your address book and keep an eye out for future announcements to claim your PDF and receive important information about your incoming order.





Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on PDF-only orders, only cancelations prior to the PDF release.


You can contact our team if you decide to change or cancel your book order before production has been announced. You may also contact us if you need to update the shipping address you provided at the time of purchase.


If your book has been damaged in transit, we are happy to offer a replacement if photos of the damaged packaging and product are provided.